Monthly Community Conference Calls

Each month the Gay Coaches Alliance hosts a community call for it's members.


Members check-in, discuss tools & technologies, participate in a topic-focused interview or panel discussion, ask for & get help, form partnerships and share what they are currently working on.

We happily offer  topic segment only recordings of these calls to our visitors.
Full recordings and call participation is open only to members.


november2017gcacallSQSeptember 2017

Using "Super-Vision" coaches get to look clearly into their practices.

book yourself solidJune 2017

isn’t it time you found how to work with the clients that best align with your talents and gifts?

coaching in the congoApril 2017

Coaching in the Congo. How I became a better coach, coaching abroad

body based coachingMarch 2017

Body-Based Techniques: Coaching Transformations from the Inside Out

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