If you are looking for a coach:

m-5-5-tim-kincaid-terry-hillebrandHow do I choose a coach?

Look at a few of the individual pages or videos of some of our coaches that draw you. Check out what they say about themselves, and again, see what attracts you. Next, take advantage of the complimentary sample coaching session that most of us offer. It will give you a chance to see what it feels like to be coached, and you will get a sense of each coach. Make sure it feels like a good fit.

Should I hire a coach or a therapist?

Coaching and therapy do have some similarities, but they are very different also. While coaching can be therapeutic, it is not therapy. Consult a therapist if you are dealing with depression or anxiety or a long-standing issue that you feel you need to explore and talk about. Hire a coach if you feel like you are ready to use insight to motivate you towards change. A coach will help you take action and put into motion what you may have learned in therapy.
Some people do use a therapist and a coach at the same time. They can work very well together. If you are presently in therapy, ask your therapist about hiring a coach.


How much will coaching cost?

Coaches charge different fees, so check with the coach you are considering working with.

How long does coaching last?

Many coaches will ask you to make an initial commitment to coaching for a period of time, perhaps as much as 3 months. Some people work with a coach for 3 months and stop. Some people work for much longer. It depends on what you want and what you work out with your coach.
Some people find it beneficial to have a coach for many years, as there is always something they are working on. They enjoy the support and feedback from someone who knows them well.

How does it work?

Your coach will be your ally. He will support and challenge you. You are the driver of your life and he might be seen as the navigator. Each coach will tell you more about how coaching works on his web page and/or site.

What if there are no coaches near where I live?

The great thing about coaching is that it can be, and usually is, done over the phone, so it does not matter where you live or where your coach lives. With telephone costs being relatively inexpensive these days, the cost of the calls is small. Some coaches use Skype so that you can see one another.

How have all of the coaches on this site been vetted?

The coaches on this site all have three things in common. They all have had some coaching training, they all identify as gay men, and they all have some interest in working with and promoting coaching to the gay community. The qualifications and quality of each coach’s work is to be vetted by you as you look to find yourself a coach to work with.

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