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Soul-ful Connection

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Bernie Kettle has been on a path of personal growth and self discovery for over 2 decades. During that time, he has studied and integrated many different modalities, tools and strategies to assist in moving to more openness, freedom and wholeness. He has a passion around bringing the same awareness to others, and to help people achieve their dreams.

Bernie's mission is to create a world of loving relation-ships by consciously and authentically speaking his truth, leading by example, and shining his light, so inspiring others to shine theirs.

Bernie coaches business people, entrepreneurs, and individuals - who have a passion for what they do - to achieve the next level of success. He works with his clients in developing a conscious strategy and action plan for ongoing growth and healthy transformation within their lives.

My Work
Everyone deserves to freely give and receive love. However, we sometimes forget that. We forget that we deserve love from our friends, family, partners, & especially ourselves.

Soulful Connection leads people like you to loving relationships by reminding you to love fiercely and soulfully, that is, loving without conditions.

Through coaching, workshops, articles, and community gatherings such as Conscious Conversations, we gently guide people towards loving more deeply and finding the partner that matches their vision.

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