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Embrace Your Desire to Live with Passion and Power

I specialize in creating a safe place for men to look at their lives and them to assist them;

to build the bridges from existing lives to the lives they want

to create a personal connection to source or spirit,

to love and live in their bodies, and

to create authentic erotic lives as they live from their hearts with powerful and loving connections.


daveonestepcanoedayI am a Coach that lives his dream coaching and facilitating workshops for men in the beautiful and powerful places. I work with men, especially gay men where ever they are located, to live life on their own terms and to find and live their dreams. My vision is a world of men who love themselves and lead lives of integrity, are comfortable with their desires and exercise their passions. In loving their complete self, including their erotic self, they create deep, intense, loving connections with self and those they call buddy, friend, partner, family and community.

The impact of these connections ripples out to all mankind and this planet we all share.

I have been working as a coach since 2002, prior to that I worked for a large telecommunications firm. My experience includes Program Management, Contract Negotiation, IT Project Vendor Management, and Purchasing and Inventory Control. While it was not the work I love to do it did bring some satisfaction.


Most of my formal Life Coach training has been with Coachville in the earlier years with Thomas Leonard. Thomas was influential in my development and growth as a coach. Even today more than 6 years after his early untimely death, I continue to be inspired and gain insight into the lessons he taught and the example he offered. I appreciate the time I was able to spend learning from him. First and foremost he taught that being a coach is about being naturally curious. Learning to be the best coach I can be is an ongoing project. I read, take courses and use the web to continue to learn new skills, be inoculated by new memes and satisfy my curiosity.

My training as a coach began in the business world. At the time I did not completely understand the power of coaching as a management approach. If I had more completely embraced and integrated coaching as my preferred management style I might still be working for a large firm. I believe that my preferred management style is managing as a coach. It was out of this belief that I developed a workshop for small businesses called “Coaching for Managers ”.

Affiliation and Collaboration:

The changes brought on by economic shifts and meltdown in 2008 convinced me that collaboration was going to be a necessary part component of anyone’s success including mine. To this end I have been working with or as part of the following groups, organizations and businesses. I am on the faculty of The Body Electric School (in the US, Canada) and the Body Electric School - Australia. I volunteer as a member of the Board of Directors for the The Wildwood Conservation Foundation. I have joined with Craig Smith of Source Events in the creation of an event for men the invites them to learn, grow and explore with other men at a beach resort in Tulum Mexico. I am in the process of developing new work for men with the talented Tantra teacher Jay Craver. I have also presented at annual Poz – Neg Gay Men’s Gatherings sponsored by the Billy Club, the Santa Cruz AIDS Project, and the Mendocino County Department of Public Health.

I am always interested in opportunities to work with men in various settings. If you need a speaker/presenter for your group/program or are a workshop facilitator looking to collaborate please feel free to contact me. My interests in this area are in finding new ways to invite men to examine their lives and make choices that create joy. I love a body centered approach but work in many modalities and approaches

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