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Soulful Touch

arnie katzAs some of you may already know, in addition to being a professional coach, I am also a massage therapist and workshop facilitator with over 30 years of experience.

I will be at Easton Mountain, Thursday, October 24 - Sunday, October 27th teaching my 5th full-length touch-based workshop, called "Soulful Touch". I am very proud of the work I do and the feedback I have gotten from participants. Much like coaching, facilitating has the power to change men's lives. Also, I do apply my coaching skills in my interactions with participants, which brings an added dimension to the process, both for them and for me.

If you wish to learn more about what i am up to, go to:

In addition, I recently wrote a BLOG about the power of touch. It is called "Touch for Men Who Love Men". I have gotten great feedback about my articulation of how touch connects us and promotes intimacy, as a balance to the effects of all that time most of us spend with technology. If you'd like to read it, go to:

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Fall.

submitted by Arnie Katz, ACC, LMT

The Rest of the Story

brian falduto For a long time, Brian Falduto was “the gay kid from School of Rock,” but now he’s happily writing new, exciting chapters of his life. To read "the rest of the story", go to:

submitted by Brian Falduto

Coaching Myths

damian tallI am passionate about coaching because I believe coaching provides with opportunities to maximize our potential, develop self-awareness, have better relationships, produce results, and have more fulfilled lives. It is also one of the tools for making this world a better place. This is the reason I am committed to the development and sustainability of professional coaching worldwide.

With this context in mind, I would share with you 4 myths about coaching that deserve exploration.

More information about this article in my website

Submitted by Damian Goldvarg, Ph.D., MCC

Youth Coaching

brian gorman

You never know where your coaching might take you. Over the past 18 months, I have coached a single mother struggling to turn her consulting business around. She went from working seven days a week to being able to take the month of August off to travel with her daughter. In February I began to coach her daughter, then a high school Junior. We started working together again in early September. That day her mother wrote me: “I’m delighted for you to continue coaching my daughter. I can see her blossoming so beautifully. I also think the continuity of her working with you through grade 12 and then when she’s off to college would be invaluable.” That my coaching can make such a difference is exactly why I coach!

submitted by Brian Gorman, Certified Professional Coach

Virtual Coaching Certification Program
Second Coaching Supervision Conference in Montreal, Canada

Virtual Coaching Certification Program
Second Coaching Supervision Conference in Montreal, Canada

Last June 13 and 14, 2019, the Second Coaching Supervision Conference took place in Montreal, Canada. There were 72 coaches and coach supervisors that met to learn more about coaching supervision strategies and build a global community.  From our community, Jeff Nally, Terry Hildebrandt, James Lopata and myself  had the opportunity to learn with professionals from 12 different countries. If you are interested in Supervision, next year the conference will take place in Mexico City on May 7 and 8, 2020. 

During the conference there were keynotes, workshops, demos, and group discussions on topics such as vulnerability, ethics, marketing, working from the heart, diversity, and internal coaching. If you would like to learn more about supervision you can visit the website

Virtual Coaching Certification Program

Virtual Coaching Certification Program

Our very own Damian Goldvarg is starting a new virtual coaching certification program.  

The link is: 

He is also offering a coaching supervision program for experienced coaches.   The link is

As someone who took Damian's coaching certification program a few years ago, I can attest to his excellence, and highly recommend his work.  I also was the receiver of supervision from one of his supervision students and she was excellent, and the supervision was very useful. 

Submitted by Arnie on behalf of:

Dr.  Damian Goldvarg, MCC, CSP, ESIA
President The Goldvarg Consulting Group, Inc.
International Coach Federation Global Past President (2013-2014)

+1 (310) 836-7618

Introducing the Men Organizing the 2020 International Gay Coaches Conference

Introducing the Men Organizing the 2020 International Gay Coaches Conference

The International Gay Coaches Conference will have a fresh flavor in 2020 as three new men have been appointed to lead the organizing committee.

They are Chris Cooper, Shane Scott and Peter Simmonds, who between them bring lots of experience and enthusiasm to make 2020 our biggest and best conference yet.

Here’s a little bit of information about each of them and how you can also get involved in helping with next year’s event.


Chris Cooper

cooperChris Cooper is a life and career coach and international speaker based in Manchester in the UK. 2019 was his debut attending the conference, where he also delivered a well-received workshop on how to use public speaking to develop your confidence and your business. He has a background in organizing events, including a UK tour of Britain’s top swimmers following the London 2012 Olympics. He’s excited to bring his coaching and event management skills together to help make the 2020 conference a success.

Chris said “I had such an amazing experience at the 2019 conference. I met so many amazing men and attended some fantastic seminars. I’m really excited to have the opportunity to be involved in organizing the 2020 event. It’s the start of a new decade and it will also mark 20 years since Easton Mountain opened, so we want to make sure it’s extra special. I’ll also be trying to encourage more coaches from the UK to make the trip across the pond. All gay coaches should experience this fantastic conference.”

Chris will be leading the advertising, social media and marketing committee for 2020.




Shane Scott

shane scottShane is a licensed clinical social worker and a Connecticut native, bringing a vast array of experience beginning in 2005, when he began his career with working with youth and families across the life span and in a variety of settings, including schools and communities.

Shane also has a strong passion and skill in working with individuals experiencing gender and sexual identity issues, facilitating personal and professional development trainings for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Shane said "I became involved with the conference and the GCA last year, and I can honestly say that I have met amazing men and have grown both professionally and personally. I am in awe of and inspired by the talent and ambition of the men at the conference and the GCA. I am so excited to bring my experience and gifts to the conference planning! It was without question that I wanted to be involved with the conference for future years to come and to be able to help create a space where other men can have their powerful experiences with attending the conference in the future."

Shane will be leading on conference logistics and engaging GCA members to attend in 2020.



Peter Simmonds

simmondsPeter’s career has focused on helping leaders and teams to understand their purpose, identify their strengths and gaps, and navigate toward increased effectiveness. His roles have included summer camp director, non-profit director, retreat center manager and now business owner as an ACC certified coach. His own business ‘Summit Coaching’ is a Boston based practice and Peter also partners with a team of professional coaches, ‘The Boda Group’, and in leadership and executive coaching for large tech and pharma companies. He has a rich background in conference chairing and retreat management.

Peter was inspired by the professionalism, openness, authenticity and compassionate camaraderie shared at Easton Mountain throughout the 2019 GCA Conference. He said “It seems simple, but it’s not easy to find places and spaces to feel seen, heard and appreciated for your uniqueness. A place of belonging. That is what this conference was for me.”

Peter will be leading the program recruitment, placement and delivery as he calls upon speakers and presenters to bring their best to 2020.


Chris, Shane and Peter will be putting together sub-committees to help organize the conference. If you would like to get involved, send us a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will forward your details to them.

GCA Conference Report 2019

GCA Conference Report 2019

Adding something uniquely different to the coaching conference calendar, the 8th International Gay Coaches Conference took place at Greenwich, NY 2-5 May 2019. This annual event, hosted by Gay Coaches Alliance, continues to combine top class coaching workshops and seminars with a sense of vibrancy and community that sets it apart from other coaching events, writes Chris Cooper.

The theme of this year’s conference was Everyone’s a Coach, recognizing the wide variety of ways gay men use coaching to add value to their clients lives and businesses, often beyond traditional definitions of coaching. 

The event began with a pre-conference day ‘Realize Your Greatness’, led by Jeff Moore. This helped delegates to understand at a deeper level how their talents create a unique service for their clients. This went beyond working out your niche and enabled those present to get clearer on their mission and message – something all coaches would benefit from regularly checking in on. 

The main conference program covered a wide breadth of coaching topics, including emotional and social intelligence, neuroscience and the ‘three brains’, how to run a group coaching program and engaging spiritual wisdom through coaching. In addition, there were sessions related to business development and personal wellbeing, including public speaking, five steps to grow your coaching business and the importance of self-care. 

gca2019 2For the first time, the event introduced an ‘un-conference’ format. Delegates were asked at the start of the conference what other topics they would like to see covered. Volunteers stepped up and delivered seminars on the most popular choices. These related more specifically to attendees’ experiences as gay men, which added further richness to the offer of the event. 

A highlight of the conference was the presentation of the Thomas J. Leonard Humanitarian Award to Garry Schliefer, PCC, honoring the contribution he has made to coaching and the wider community, including founding Choice, the magazine of professional coaches. The award, named for one of the original founders of the global coaching profession, recognizes a gay coach for outstanding contribution and ongoing commitment to the development of coaches and the advancement of the coaching profession. 

There was a rich program of additional activities for attendees to enjoy, including daily early morning yoga and meditation sessions. A highlight of the evening program included a live performance by Grey Jacks, who combines his career as a coach with being an acclaimed recording artist. He and his indie rock band The Grey A delivered a set previewing his forthcoming album Date Your Elders. 

gca2019 3As always, the conference was held at the stunning Easton Mountain, a community and retreat center exclusively for gay men, which next year will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Although the largely grey and wet weather was not conducive for delegates to explore the numerous hiking trails and natural highlights, it provided a unique setting and special atmosphere for this event. 

The conference attracted lots of regular attendees, plus many new faces, most of whom commented on the richness of the experience and sense of community they felt. 

As an attendee from Manchester, England, I was blown away by the warm welcome from the men at the event, all of whom I met for the very first time. However, like many of those here, I will certainly be back for next year’s event. 

Information about the Gay Coaches Alliance can be found at


The 9th annual conference will take place at Easton Mountain, 30 April - May 3, 2020.

--submitted by the 2020 GCA Conference Organizing Committee

Testimonial from a GCA Conference attendee

Testimonial from a GCA Conference attendee

"I hadn’t been to the GCC for 4 years, and I had some hesitation about going, wondering if it would be worth the time and expense to go again. Thankfully I went, including the 1-day pre-conference as I experienced that the conference and the attendees have grown and evolved. I got clarity and insights in an interactive, stimulating environment that involved group fun and play – and that was just the pre-conference! I appreciated the power of collaboration, powerful workshops that were inspiring, connecting and impactful. Being in this supportive environment helped me come up with ideas to claim more of my gifts. One workshop, in particular, helped me understand how to use my passion to create greater success and progress. I came away with a greater understanding about being part of a conscious gay community. For anyone who is a gay coach or thinking about becoming one, this is the best place to meet and be supported by other gay coaches. And the tasty food was a plus!”

Bernie Kettle

GCA Conference Presenter Acknowledgements

We would like to thank the presenters for contributing their talent, time and energy to sharing their gifts with the men of the conference. The feedback from participants was wonderful, and participants often struggled with deciding which workshops to attend!

There was a diverse array of workshops offered that included ways to diversity your business, how to improve your personal and professional awareness and intuition, public speaking skills, creative and unique engagement interventions, as well as ways to expand our knowledge and skill as coaches.

The theme of inclusion was well integrated into each of the workshops. We introduced un-conference sessions into the programming, which allowed participants to create workshops on topics that mattered to them. Participants brainstormed and created 4 workshops that were participant led. What conference leaders discovered is that there is a strong desire and need for community building and connection as coaches.

The un-conference workshops created were around building connection, asking and receiving physical touch, the gay experience, shaping attraction, and the vital role of being an elder in the community. The conference could not have been the experience that it was without the support and willingness of the presenters.

We would like to thank the following individuals for taking initiative to create and facilitate these unconference workshops:

  • Alexander Noor
  • Patrick Boze
  • Joseph Casan
  • Gregory Skalney
  • Brian Gorman
  • Bernie Kettle


A special thanks to the facilities committee for their work coordinating the needs of the conference. Thank You to the following Men:

  • Joseph Casan
  • Douglas Moffett
  • Shane Scott
  • Brian Gorman


Also, a special thanks to the following individuals for their workshops:

  • Enhancing Your Practice and Life with Social/Emotional Intelligence and EQ - Terry Hildebrandt and Tim Kincaid
  • Change it Up and Story and the Three Brains - Brian Gorman
  • Five Challenges of Coaching - Jeff Moore
  • The Art of Giving and Receiving Acknowledgement - Terry Hildebrandt
  • Creative approaches to Group or Individual Approaching - Thomas Greaney
  • How to Stand Up and Deliver your Message with Confidence - Chris Cooper
  • Self-care and the Helper - Shane Scott
  • We’re in this Together: Group Coaching - Jeff Nally
  • Engaging Spiritual Wisdom in Secular Coaching - Adam Robersmith
  • The Power of Full Engagement with Tom Keydel


As you will notice when looking at the titles of these workshops, there was a richness in what each of these men brought to the mountain for this special conference.

We would also like to thank Grey Jacks and his band The Grey A for their special evening musical performance, plus Tim Cooley for yoga and massage workshops and Tom Keydel for meditation sessions.


--submitted by the 2020 GCA Conference Organizing Committee

Remain Calm...

Remain Calm...

Choice Magazine

Choice Magazine

You have asked us to advise you when we are looking for an article from you. Here is your invitation to submit an article for consideration in our next issue. This is an awesome opportunity for you, or someone you know and/or admire, to be published in a globally read publication!

If you know someone who SHOULD be submitting, feel free to forward them this message.

Note: If we DO publish your article, we will send you a PDF (after we send the files to the printer and mail the issue) so that you can let the world know! Just something we like to do to support your expertise and marketing.

Deadline for article submissions is September 12 (let us know if you need a bit longer)
Note: Deadlines for the year are...the 1st of March, June, September, and December.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to confirm whether you will be submitting an article for consideration, by when, and provide a working title and/or brief description if possible.
You will receive an auto-responder email that will advise you what else we need from you.

Full description of our theme:

Team & Group Coaching: Expanding the coaching conversation from one to many ~ V16N4 December 2018

What are the differences between team and group coaching? When and how do you introduce team or group coaching? What assessment(s) are beneficial for use in this type of coaching? How do you effectively measure the impact of team or group coaching? This issue will uncover the secrets of successful group and team coaching experiences for both coach and clients, including how to design and launch programs to create engagement, inspiration, motivation and accountability for participants.

Article Deadline: September 12, 2018
Advertising Deadline: October 15, 2018
Mail date: Late December 2018
In addition to feature articles related to our theme, we are always looking for NON THEME articles for our columns and departments, including "perspective," "impact," and "final say." You might also be interested in writing for consideration in our "international eye" column, which gives an international perspective on coaching and highlights the evolution of coaching in other countries.

For descriptions of columns and departments, writing guidelines, submission requirements, word counts, etc. >>>> Visit Here <<<<<

Please make the articles practical and include any sidebars, graphics, charts, etc. which might be of interest to our readers.

Cheers, Garry

Garry Schleifer
CEO&Publisher choice Magazine and Business Coach
(800) 553-3241 x 801
Direct (416) 884-8154 Toronto, Canada

Decoding the Coaching Genome - an experiential, online coaching mastery program

Decoding the Coaching Genome - an experiential, online coaching mastery program

Want to deepen your coaching skills?

Enjoy a sense of community with other coaches?

Looking for Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEUs)?


Then let me share my experience of a program I completed last Fall.

In December 2017, I graduated from the Decoding the Coaching Genome program (DCG). The 12 week deep dive into the ICF’s 11 core competencies was hugely beneficial for me. I had spent so much time on trainings around building my coaching practice, that I felt I had not given enough attention to developing my coaching ‘toolkit”. DCG presented the perfect opportunity to address this in a cost effective way, without the need to travel.

I enjoyed the opportunity to deepen my awareness around each skill and how they work together as a cohesive whole. The experiential nature of the course meant that although I was learning new material, I was quickly able to integrate the learning. I had multiple opportunities to practice during live calls each week with other coaches from around the world. This was perhaps the most powerful aspect for me - the safe space created to experiment, fail and grow.

Although at first I was a little apprehensive of the online classroom, I quickly overcame this. The orientation call with one of the faculty meant that within a week or two, I became familiar with the platform, the structure of the weekly calls and preparatory work.

Perhaps most surprising was the co-leads ability to create deep connection virtually. The sense of community was comparable with “in the room” trainings (like my coach training program from CTI). I didn’t think this was possible! But the intimacy between the course participants was palpable.

The final week of the twelve saw one coach step forward to coach live. Judith Cohen, Master Coach and Co-Lead of DCG then performed a real-time supervision. This was a fascinating, if a little scary, chance to learn from a highly experienced coach and supervisor. I took so much from the 12 weeks. I felt my confidence grow measurably as a direct result. And the 24 CCEUs helped with my ICF credential renewal.

And that wasn’t the end of the story. This Spring, I was invited to join the faculty of the Wisdom Tree Academy. As I write, I have just Co-Lead week 11 of my first 12 week program. The experience this time around has of course been quite different. However, what has stayed the same is the intimate and safe space Judith and I have created to allow for the learning, growth and transformation of the coach participants.

This cohort has been mixed with attendees from Africa, the Americas and Europe. The level of coaching experience has also varied from those fresh from coach training to those with several years under their belt. Whatever you bring to the mix is welcome. The experiential learning is fun, varied and rich.

Our next program kicks off on 20 September 2018, with an orientation call one week prior. I am delighted to be able to offer GCA members a 10% discount on the standard course fee. So why not join us for this profound journey that will take your coaching skill to a whole new level? Mastery awaits those that have the courage to take the risk. Will you?


Here is the link to my calendar to arrange an exploratory call: I will happily answer any questions that you may have. Looking forward to reconnecting!

Craig G. Howe
Coach and Experiential Facilitator

Getting Your Clients Outdoors This Summer!

Getting Your Clients Outdoors This Summer!

I have developed a program to combine DISC assessments with an experiential sailing experience on Boston Harbor. 

New role for Terry H. Hildebrandt

New role for Terry H. Hildebrandt

Terry H. Hildebrandt, PhD, MCC, MCEC takes part-time role as Director of Evidence Based Coaching at the Fielding Graduate University.



For over thirty years I have been an activist for quality care for all individuals living with HIV and an advocate to end the stigma of living with HIV. I believe U=U is one of the most significant advancements in the history of HIV since combination therapy.

Touch Me! success at Easton Mountain

Touch Me! success at Easton Mountain

Participants opened up, let go of old stories and bravely explored new ways to ask for and receive touch

Super-Vision for Coaches

Super-Vision for Coaches

Dr. Terry Hildebrandt and Jeff Nally have completed the Coaching Supervision Certification Program

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