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I empower smart independent thinkers to achieve their highest success with authenticity, confidence and joy.
I'm a father, husband, veteran, and former corporate VP who after the worst of the pandemic ended in 2021, left my six figure job to focus on helping others achieve their highest success with confidence and joy.
Now I'm a full time mental fitness trainer and leadership coach serving others who want to achieve their full potential and overcome the labels and stereotypes from a dominant culture that has trained them "how to be". This pressure on "how to be" can leave us feeling empty, inauthentic, or uncertain about who we are due to the roles we believe we must play to compete and succeed. This can be a huge drain on energy and results in us only bringing part of ourselves to what we do.
My promise is that my work with clients is confidential unless the client wishes to share. I am their confidant and help them explore their own thoughts about who they are and the life they want to lead both personally and professionally. I provide a space that is completely confidential, without judgement, without an agenda, … a safe space for them to process and navigate any and all thoughts, choices, and their path in work and life. I help them discover greater self-confidence to be who they are. I partner with my clients to help them live as they choose bravely and to bring their unique gifts to the world to achieve their highest potential and happiness.
As a gay man, I learned long ago that each of us are a unique experiment living a life that is ours alone. Nobody has our answers, only we do, inside of us. Not the reverend, not the therapist, not the coach, not even the people who love us most. We're all pioneers in our own adventure of life charting the map of our own personal frontier. The answers live inside us, we just need to find them.
Living our purpose and bringing our full self to everything we do is how we achieve the greatest success and happiness in life. It is also how we make the world a better place.
Contact me if you are interested in learning more. We can discuss if the services I offer are the right fit for you. I promise no sales pitch, no pressure, no agenda and it is completely confidential.  Go to SuperCoachShane.com to schedule an initial consultation.



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