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Coaching for men who are searching for connection, direction, and strength in their relationships and careers.

Most gay men often struggle with being able to live their most authentic lives. Life often throws curveballs and challenges that are unexpected. With my background as a therapist and helper since 2005, coaching is a natural progress that allows me to have the privilege of helping other men who may struggle with self-acceptance, their relationships, or perhaps their career. My relatable and easy-going style allows for the client to feel that they can be open about their struggles. 

My ideal coaching client is someone that may be in their twenties or thirties. They may have some hesitance with coming, or perhaps are having relationship challenges, or are not happy with their career/job. They are also motivated and ready to make some positive changes, but don’t know where to start.

Helping client's find authenticity and practice self-compassion are two core values of my coaching. Through collaboration, accountability and self-exploration, I help to create a space that allows for transformation.

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