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Thomas Keydel, Author and Certified Financial Coach

Boston, Massachusetts, United States


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Every decision begins with the desire to be more the person you can be ...... Be Zanshin!

Decision making impacts every aspect of our lives. I’m here to help you discover the confidence you need to make more comfortable decisions about money, career, and family.

Are you looking for…

    • Financial freedom
    • Peace of mind
    • Time with your family and friends
    • Less worry about how you’re going to make ends meet?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Tom Keydel and welcome to the new world of Zanshin Decision Making. The word, zanshin, is a martial arts term that refers to the discipline a martial artist uses when sparing with a partner.  By becoming Zanshin you will learn how to spar better with yourself about your decisions.

I can help you let go of the frustration and fear that shows up when you try to make more of your time energy and talents. As a trained, financial coach I can also help you work through the pain of dealing with a difficult set of choices around money and the expectations we all have about our financial life.

Let’s talk soon.

Tom Keydel is affiliated with Wealth Strong® and Fin Lab® financial services. He is a Certified Financial Coach™. He is also affiliated with MSPP (The Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology) and with CRR Global (Global Center For Right Relationship).

He has studied Negotiation and Mediation and has volunteered as a Massachusetts District Court Mediator. He holds a Masters Degree in Accountancy (MS) from Northeastern University and a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Education (MA) from Boston University.

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States

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