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New York City and Sarasota FL, 34235, United States


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Dr. Victor Aluise is a seasoned executive coach. With a profound understanding that most adults spend the majority of their waking hours in the workplace, Victor's passion lies in guiding both new and seasoned leaders towards professional enjoyment and fulfillment. Through his business coaching practice, he is dedicated to helping individuals navigate their career paths with clarity and purpose. Victor's expertise extends to driving continual innovation and transformation within organizations, a skill honed through his extensive experience in leading transformations at major entities such as Amazon (AWS), Scholastic, McGraw-Hill Education, and PBS.

With a focus on executive and team coaching, Victor empowers others to achieve tangible results, leveraging his specialized knowledge in areas such as technology, artificial intelligence, digital products, and education. His commitment to supporting individuals and organizations in realizing their full potential is evident in his multifaceted career, where he has consistently facilitated impactful changes and fostered environments conducive to growth and success. Whether guiding leaders through strategic challenges or championing organizational innovation, Victor Aluise remains dedicated to facilitating positive change and driving sustainable progress in every endeavor he undertakes.



New York City and Sarasota FL, 34235, United States

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